Spooky Halloween Treats from The Popcorn Factory Starting



Last night I was taking my nightly walk around the neighborhood and ran across a man who in full Halloween preparation mode. He was really going all out, draping decorations not only all over the front of his house, but his front lawn too. We are talking ghosts, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, tombstones, the whole she-bang. I spoke to him for a few minutes about his zeal for a having holiday fun, and it really warmed my heart. Actually maybe I should say that it left my heart frozen with dread, knowing the dead were about to rise up and stalk the land. Hey it is Halloween we are talking about!

So are you scared yet? Well maybe you should be after realizing that Halloween is just two weeks away and you have done absolutely nothing to prepare! What are your plans for All Hallows Eve anyhow? Myself, I am having a few friends over and we are going to cater to the trick-or-treaters. I have preparation to think of myself. I suppose we could just snack on the candy overflow that we are handing out to the kids, but that seems rather lazy to me. Drawing inspiration from my neighbor I think it would be much more fun if I threw myself into the theme of the evening.

The Popcorn Factory has some really spooky fun gift and party assortments starting at $19.99 for this Halloween. These would be great for your parties whether they be at the office or home, or simply to send as gifts.

Boo! Towers The only thing scary in this gift tower is The Popcorn Factory’s exclusive and popular Boo! design-everything else is truly delicious! The fun, raffia-tied tiers come filled to capacity with plump, in-the-shell pistachios, colorful Halloween Jelly Belly beans, sweet mellocreme pumpkins and a box of 9 peanut butter-filled chocolate pumpkins. You can also add a 5th tier tin of sweet, specialty popcorn flavors (decadent Chocolate Drizzled Caramel, rich Peanut Butter Chocolate, seasonal Caramel Apple and sweet S’Mores corn with real marshmallow and graham crackers) and this tower becomes super special. It’s an absolutely perfect gift to send ahead to your generous Halloween party hostess. Or, get a jump on the holiday season and be the first to send a shareable thank-you gift to your favorite, fun-loving office staff. This is an outstanding value for the price!

4 Tier Tower $39.99
5 Tier Tin & Tower $59.99

For $5 off of your Fall-Halloween purchase at the Popcorn Factory use code CREEPY5 at checkout!

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