New Apple iPhone 6 – So help me I want it… again!

New Apple iPhone 6- New Apple Products

I already own an iPhone, I actually got the very first version (well truth is it was gifted to me, I couldn’t afford it otherwise) and I immediately upgraded with the 16GB version when it was released….and well now.. I WANT THE NEW ONE! 🙂

Fact of the matter is it is hands down the coolest phone I have ever owned! And the easiest to use, from the moment I got the iPhone I never had to read thru a manuel or fidget with instructions, it is amazingly self explanatory and functional. Plus you will find once you join the world of iPhone users your friends and family who own them are only too happy to share cool apps they can’t live without or nifty short cuts they discovered or learned along the way.

It is quite a helpful little Apple family you join when you are an iPhone user. It was funny when my friends’ group was divided by team iPhone and team Blackberry. No matter what side you root for it is a general consensus amongst both groups that the iPhone is younger, hipper and well just plain “cooler”.

On top of sleek aesthetics it is really quite an awesome gadget. Fully customizable to whatever your user goals are. It is literally a phone, an iPod and an internet device all rolled up into one! There are literally thousands of applications for you to choose from, for health, buisness, or entertainment.

Here are some of the “NEW” features:

Built in Video Camera
Cut, Copy, Paste Features
MMS messaging
Voice Control
Spotlight Search
Messages – send texts, videos, photos and more

Starting at $199 for the Applie iPhone 6 and the $99 for the Apple iPhone  – You can try to use coupon for here: promo code

Ahhh!! I want it! I’m feeling that Apple itch…