Coupon Codes – 64GB USB Flash Drive: That’s Alot of Space

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The capacity of those keychain USB flash memory drives have come a very long way in just a couple of years. I remember in what seems like the very recent past, when 4 GB on ones key chain was a big deal. Well let me introduce to you the Kingston 64GB DataTraveler200 available from

The capacity of USB drives have been exploding and now it is to the point where you could carry a nice library of DVD’s on one. Heck, for anyone working on a computer more than 5 years old it’s a pretty good guess that the capacity on the DataTraveler 200 is pretty close to the size of that computers harddrive!

DataTraveler 200 is ideal for those who need significant storage capacity and data protection in a sleek, durable design.Featuring password protection via Password Traveler software, which allows you to create and access a password-protected, secure area of the drive called a “Privacy Zone.” Whether it be a portable entertainment library, a multi media presentation or transporting data of any sort, the DataTraveler 200 is perfect for home and business. This product is backed by a five year warranty and you find it at for a mere $127.99 with free shipping!

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